Got spanked this morning

After our chat a few days ago, things have become better, Master has been quick to point out if I say inappropriate, and I’ve had a bit of cheeky fun.

This morning, as Master was working from home, he had a 20 minute interval from meetings so before I got dressed after my shower, I decided to try them on and ask him what he thought. There were only 3 dresses so it didn’t take long, 2 he said were ok, 1 he didn’t like. So I  was quite pleased, until Master came back into the room 5 minutes later.

Why was I getting a fashion show anyway ? He asked.

I fumbled for some words to come out of my mouth. But nothing came out.

Don’t remember you asking to get them ? He said.

Well I ordered them a week ago, there was an email with a 30% discount code, so I used the discount. I muttered, my fingers nervously twirling around each other.

What’s the rule ? Master asked.

To ask you first, I said quietly.

Why didn’t you ? Master asked.

Coz you’d probably say no. I muttered.

But I might have said yes. Pass me the big black strap out of the drawer. He pointed to the toy drawer.

Looking guilty and sorry for myself, I pulled out the heavy CPS and passed it to Master.

Bend over the bed. He ordered, again, I looked up at him, big sad eyes that begged him to please be gentle.

Ha, gentle. What was I thinking, He’s punishing me, of course it’s NOT going to be gentle.

The swats came quickly and hard, searing my skin, feeling the bruises and welts grow as the deep holes in the strap brought up big blisters. Every so often, Master asked, What do you say ?

Sorry, I’m sorry Master. I yelled out, as he continued once more.

He ensured my legs felt the burning pain too, as I tried to straighten up, or tip to the side, Master’s hand would push me down once more.

What do you say ? Master asked again.

I’m sorry Master, I won’t do it again. I pleaded.

The strap came down again, over and over, as I fisted the bed sheet, and cried. With having no spanking for ages, and then having no warmup, this really hurt a lot.

What do you do if you want to buy something ? Master asked.

Ask you first, I said.

He dumped the CPS onto the bed.

You better make sure you do in future, I’m fed up with dealing with this over and over. Master ordered then left to go to the office.

I knew he must be mad at me, as there was no after-care, as I slowly got up, I realised I was going to have to ask for everything in future. I glanced at my bottom in the mirror and saw some black bruises and a dark crimson backside.

IMG_20180601_100032 (1)IMG_20180601_100153 (1)IMG_20180601_100211 (1)

Later in the afternoon, I was looking at the hand held fans, I actually saw Simon Cowell use on Britain’s Got Talent last night. Now I think I’m starting with the menopause, a handheld USB fan would be perfect, I’d talked about them last night with Master, he told me to look them up. So this afternoon I did, I showed Master, he told me to look on Amazon as the cheapest one he thought was from a dodgy company, but I couldn’t find one under £10, so I asked him if it was okay to get one. He said, Yes and thank you for asking. So I found one I thought would be okay, it got good reviews, was purple and has 3 settings. It only takes 1 hour to charge and then lasts 5 hours before recharging again. It just didn’t say if it was noisy, if I could use it in the theatre, but I can use manual fans for theatre trips if necessary. It actually stands up too, so I can sit it on the table when I’m out. Hopefully it will work out and help with these hot flushes.

4 thoughts on “Got spanked this morning

  1. TIanNorth® Mini USB Handheld Humidifier Mist Water Spray Air Condictioning Moisturizing Fan Portable Face Spray Mist Humidifier Misting Fan (Purple)

    This is, I’m sure would have others. It is a bit noisy, not one I can use in the theatre but I used it today when out for lunch. It is chunkier than I expected, does fit in my handbag, but if you have small bags it won’t. I do intend to buy one more like the size of an old thin iPhone, these look more suitable for handbags. But the one I bought has a mister on it too, and is charged by USB. I do recommend it xx


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