A BJ bad ending.

During the day yesterday, Master and I swapped a little bit of D/s messaging, which is always fun. He ordered me to take some sexy photos showing off my tattoos. I had to wait to do them as my dad was calling round, then I got involved in something else, so it was only when he messaged again, sending the same message about the selfies but with a question mark, did I realise I should do them now. So I stripped off, took a selection, though I never know if they are sexy or not, then sent them to Master. The messaging continued and he called me a dirty girl, so I replied saying Master should punish me for being dirty. He said after dinner I was to present him with the hand paddle and he will give me a spanking for being dirty, if I was good and looked after Master for the evening he may allow me to have an orgasm.

What a nice evening planned, I thought. When Master came home he was more attentive, brushing across my bum, lifting my dress to stroke my bum, when I went to feed the fish and spotted one of our frogs, ( they are all called Charlie, Big Charlie, Chunky fella Charlie or Baby Charlie, yes I am daft, ) Master came over and bent next to me to see him. His hand wandered to my bum, tickling my bum hole then travelled towards my pussy, now getting wet with excitement. A finger circled my hole, pushing in slightly, oh boy it felt good. But I was aware of us both crouched down by the pond, E was home, the neighbours were out cutting the grass and though they can’t see over the fence, it made me conscious that they were there. I had to stand up before I began to enjoy it too much.

A little later, still no spanking as E was around, Master asked me to take his shoes off and massage his feet. So grabbing a cushion, I sat on the floor, and gave him a nice foot massage. When I finished I asked if Master would like a blowjob, he said yes but would I like an orgasm too. I said, no. WTF. NO, why did I just say no. Something told me not too as I didn’t want to have to rush it or get disturbed, so I shocked myself by saying no. Because I was desperate for an orgasm, to be touched, even fucked if I was lucky.

Master said he would like a blowjob stood up in the kitchen as he wanted me knelt down in front of him. We went to the kitchen, Master pulled his pants down, and I began. It was a nice job, I am getting used to the larger PA, and how to put it in my mouth so it’s not deep throating me. Also learning how to nibble his head with this PA, it just takes time with each size, getting used to it, learning how to do everything I love doing with it there. Master doesn’t wear the giant balls daily, they are too uncomfy 24/7, so he only wears them when we are playing properly. So it makes it easier giving him a BJ, without them as they are just too big.

Soon, Master was close, he wanted me to go quicker, so he fisted my hair so hard, it made me cry out. He gave me a slight smack on my cheek, telling me not to cry out, but it really hurt as I was pushed back and forth faster, firmer, quicker. Then he let go of my hair and started thrusting himself quicker, his head was very close to my throat, as I tried pulling back a little, ( I don’t like deep throating ) then I felt and tasted his sweet pre-cum dribble down my throat. Just as Master’s cum started shooting into my mouth we heard footsteps coming down the stairs, I had swallowed a lot already but Master usually fires a great amount and I was sure there should have been more, but I had to slip out quickly, as Master grabbed his trousers, pulling them up and acted like he was doing something else in the kitchen, His top was pulled over his trousers as he hadn’t fastened them in time. I was holding my cushion, I couldn’t put it in the living room as E was already there talking to the dogs so I put it on a bar stool as E walked in, none the wiser of what his parents were just doing seconds before. I smirked at Master, he grinned back as he turned around and quickly fastened his trousers and belt.

E just acted as normal, well not quite as normal as he has tonsillitis again, but close enough, you know, still checking his hair looks perfect, admiring himself in the mirror, checking out his first tattoo which was healing nicely. Typical E.

But this wasn’t quite the ending we had in mind, there was no sucking and cleaning of his cock, ensuing I got every drop of his cum he had given me, no nibbles, licks or sucks as his cock became flaccid.

But it did make us both smile and giggle once E went upstairs again. It was a good job Master never gave me an orgasm or worse yet, made me squirt everywhere as this was messy play, plus I’m not that fast trying to get up, if I’m bent over so he can play. Also a good job I wasn’t over his knee getting spanked, my face would have been bright red, I could have been crying, how could I have reacted so quickly and tried to act so normal in those few seconds before he entered the room. I think he may have guessed we were playing then but at least for this occasion, Master shot his load, or most of it, before we got interrupted

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