Sunday’s kit car show.

Today we are off to a kit car outing. A 3 hour trip to get there, where its a massive kit car show, jumble sale of car stuff, fairground rides and the usual food and drink stalls. Apparently its the largest kit car show in the world, 4000 show cars, never mind visitors. It’s going to be a scorcher of a day, so skirt and t’shirt that covers the tattoo, but thick coat for the journey as its quite breezy on the motorway. We stopped at the services to meet up with some of the group.

All I know for now is there’s about 60 cars going from our clubs, the leader has the gazebo, plus another, and we have our own hospitality tent, which will be nice. Apparently this place has the countries biggest agricultural show in the country, and this car show is one of the biggest too.

But I’ve done something stupid regarding my health. On Friday I was getting some bad nerve shocks on my right buttock and leg and seriously painful nerve shocks up my spine. I sucked the pain in, not showing it to Master or telling him. Yesterday when it was lovely, I tried to sit outside, but my back was aching so much I kept coming inside. I haven’t told Master I’m struggling, because he wouldn’t let me come today, but I am. I’ve brought extra meds with me.

We had a great journey down but it felt very long, my hip especially painful. But parking in our small patch the organisers gave the club, its very very tight. There’s over 60 cars from the Club, But a lot of our cars are parked on the road.  I think id love a Cobra for myself and. Beach Buggy. There’s some glitter Beach Buggies, purple, rusty orange, filled with glitter, look amazing. Master is looking at the MEV Exocet, they do look nice.

Luckily the club organised a hospitality tent, so  we’ve had a walk around then come back and sit it the tent which feels much cooler. It’s soooo hot here, my phone says it’s 20° but I think it’s hotter. It’s a nice day out but not overly exciting looking at hundreds of cars, being a girl I look at the colour first then shape second, Master will look at the size of the engine, price, and style. We’ve not agreed about a car yet.

6 thoughts on “Sunday’s kit car show.

  1. Not sure what a kit car is. I am thinking it is a replica car that you assemble. I enjoyed reading about the show, it would be fun seeing some photos. You mentioned a Cobra, funny thing about that I saw one in a parking lot yesterday.

    On another matter, I don’t think it is wise not to divulge your painful condition. I think he would want to know, and you may be putting your health at risk for not telling and suffering in silence.

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    1. Hi Elliott, you’re correct, a car that you assemble, or you buy one already done like Master did. I will post some pics of the car, but never took any pics of any of the Cobras. It was funny, every car I said I like was based on a Cobra. Master said you do seem to have a thing for Cobras don’t you.
      He would really love to get one from start to finish, think he will soon.

      And yes you’re right about health, he would want to know but he’s not mentioned it yet, I know he will have read my blog. I just really wanted to go and if my back and hip were v bad before going like they were, he would not let me go. But I did manage during the day, yes I took extra meds but I knew I would need them. It was a fun day xxx


  2. A major rule for us is that I have to tell the Bear when I’m in pain and when my body really has had enough. If I was to withhold something like this I would be in some serious do-do!
    I don’t brat, I don’t misbehave and I don’t break rules so I really am never in trouble, but this would most certainly do it! I agree with the previous comment, I don’t think suffering in silence is the wisest choice.

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