Sinful Sunday – Corner Time.

Put in the naughty corner because as usual, I argued,  refused to do as I was told and was disrespectful to Master. This was 2 years ago, thankfully my behaviour has improved so I don’t get corner time often

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Sinful Sunday


23 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Corner Time.

  1. You lucky sub. You get a corner, unbound. There is comfort and ease to your punishment. I am much more sadistic as a Domme.

    I have the perfect space planned. A small Undecorated wall in the living room between a hallway and the dining room. On it I plan to put a hook at my slaves wrists height. His chain bracelets which he will always have on will then loop onto this hook and he will stand facing forward in all his glory for his penance and for my pleasure.

    I can’t wait!!!

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  2. I’ve never been put in the corner… As has been said before, you still look defiant in spite of your punishment. There is a huge amount of confidence in your stance.

    Thank you for your comment on my post, I was replying and somehow deleted your very kind words. xxxxx


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