Blogging A – Z Challenge = T.

I’ve a very busy week ahead of me for a change. Today I’m going out with my best friend L and her mum R, I’ve mentioned L before, she has breast cancer and has had a terrible 5 months waiting for the gap to heal, after the cancer was removed. Now finally  it’s healed so she can get her boob tattooed in preparation for radiotherapy. She will just get a small dot on either side of the boob. I’ve got to go shopping first then go and see A, my piercer, as I took my nose ring out as it was a bit sore thinking I can just put another one in. Nope, not a chance.

Tomorrow I’m at fat club, boring, as I’ve put the weight back on I lost. Wednesday I have a birthday Lunch, Thursday is my mum’s and father-in-laws birthday, So I will be out visiting them and going for lunch with my folks. Master is away Wednesday until Friday this week, so a full week ahead. Hopefully I will get chance to do the challenge daily, even though I now realised why I was ahead of everybody, I’d been doing it on Sunday’s, which apparently you don’t do, as another blogger and Master told me, Master said if I had read the rules I would know. So apologies for those who run this challenge.

So lets get on with today’s;   T = Tits.

I’m just going to put some photos of my tits, hope you like them.



6 thoughts on “Blogging A – Z Challenge = T.

  1. Ah I’m in your boat and although I did read the rules I’d obviously forgotten and have been posting on Sundays too. Oops. Guess I can have today off and do U tomorrow then!! Lol. 😊😁

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