Blogging A – Z Challenge – O

Blogging A – Z Challenge = O

O = OTK Spanking. ( Over The Knee )

Sorry this is my first time since this challenge began that I’ve not posted on the correct day. 

We had a busy day, I was having one of those brain dead days, E was collecting his new car, so as it was a very special occasion to go in my diary of E’s life, Master, me, E and I ( E’s girlfriend ) went together to collect it. I came home with E and I, so I could have a good look at it, E drove everywhere once he got his keys, must have been at least an hour and half to get home, he was so happy with it.

We were home an hour before we then left to have dinner at my in-laws, which included showing the family his car, we then got home at nearly 8pm, then not long after, I went to bed.So apologies for my late post.

I absolutely LOVE OTK spanking, this is so intimate, erotic, sensational and intense. Whether it’s a fun one or punishment, I love over the knee.

One of my most intense OTK spankings was upstairs on our bed. I’d just had a shower and Master was going away with work and leaving soon. I’d hoped for a bit of fun but he had been busy, so I thought there was no chance for one now.

After my shower I headed into our room when Master walked in.

“I think a little motivation to be a good girl is needed whilst I’m away,” He told me whilst opening our toy drawer to pull out some toys. “Dressing gown off.”
I gave a little smile, as I untied my robe, took the towel of my head, brushing my hair quickly before Master sat on the edge of the bed.  He had a few of the more painful toys out. The Jokari paddle, rubber studded paddle, wooden spoon and leather strap.

Master gave me a smirk as he pulled my arm so I fell over him, my top half landed on the bed, my legs fell over his as one arm quickly hugged my waist close to him. “Let’s get some colourful bruises on your ass, we both know it’s the only way you stay good.” Master said, stroking and squeezing my ass. He picked up the spoon first, quick hard wallops rained down, making me jump and squirm, but Master had a tight hold on me. I tried to keep my feet down but it was hard.

The swats feeling harder and much more painful, as I fisted the bed sheets and ouched into the bed. He never stopped until my rear end and back of legs had turned a nice pink colour.

Then he changed to the stingy, powerful Jokari paddle. That first swat had me wiggling, kicking my legs, trying to reach behind me. Master chuckled, holding me tighter, moving one leg over mine as he continued a fast pace again, though I was in incredible pain, I giggled as I ouched, I just couldn’t get out of his grasp.

The Jokari is a small evil devil, the sting, the bite is so sharp, it does take your breath away.

Master stopped for a minute, giving us both a chance to rest, he loosened his grasp around my waist and moved his leg, I pulled myself up more as Master examined my butt.

A change of toy once more, this time the rubber studded paddle, this beats your ass like a thousand little rubber pebbles hitting you. When he hits downwards it feels like your skin is being whipped off. It’s not ouchie like the Jokari, it’s deep, hitting inside, a hot burn develops under the skin, delving deep into each flank. One leg reaching back, until he caught it, the other leg hanging down, As Master is ambidextrous, he was able to swap hands, one holding my leg, the other walloping my ass. But with the position I was in, I left my pussy free too, so he enjoyed swatting that, each stub bruising my labia, stunning my clit into more delicious arousal, becoming more and more intense and making me want more. That is until, he paddled my inner thighs, now both legs flailing anyway possible, but still both of us giggling, me ouching and wriggling.

“Up and bend over the bed.” He said. I shook my head, an arm curling more around his leg, holding it tightly. I didn’t want to leave his knee. “Up now.” He repeating, slapping my ass really hard, ouching, giggling I still shook my head.

“Okay,” he told me, standing up so I slid down to the floor. I protested as I fell in a heap on the floor, ouching when my ass landed on the cold floor. I pouted looking up high as I sat there. “I did tell you, now up.” He pointed to the bed, one eyebrow raised up, a sign that meant do as you’re told or you will be sorry. Slowly I climbed up and bent over the bed, legs straight out. Master grabbed some pillows and pushed them under my hips, then pushed each leg back up to the bed, his hand pushed my back down so my ass raised higher. He picked up the strap, and stood up straight. Wrapping the strap around his hand, he held the tip with his other hand and brought it crashing across my butt, an instant burn and feelings that my skin had been scraped off, I buried my face into the bed, 4, 5, 6 times and I started jiggling up and down on the spot, but it only made the pain worse. One leg kicked upwards a little, “Are we trying to kick me ?” His voice sounded evilly sexy, “No,” I exclaimed.”Hmmm,” He said, grabbing my ankle, strapping my foot a couple of times, releasing it then repeating it on the other foot. “You know I like symmetry and even hits on each side,”


That was the end of my OTK fun, of course our play didn’t end there as Master continued to spank me and turn my ass a delightful crimson and purple colour. Then came the even nicer, kinkier fun fuckery, fingers, dildos and finally cock. But the sensual, closeness you feel whilst over his knee is like nothing else, your combined love, sex appeal,  pure sexual greediness is brought together as one. Nothing else can beat this feeling.

3 thoughts on “Blogging A – Z Challenge – O

  1. OTK spankings in your house sound wonderful. Actually you are right not to post on Sunday, there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, so no need to post on Sundays. Today is meant to be N, but I doubt it matters at all.

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