Thought I’d share some pics.

After 2 years of being on Spankingtube and getting lovely comments from other spankos,  I began to like my bottom. It was Masters way of showing me that other men would find me attractive, once we started our new life, he wanted me to love my body too. I know Master always has loved my bum, well all of me, but my lack of self confidence has always made me wonder why! Why would he love this short, fat woman with a big ugly backside ?

And eventually through this journey of posting selfies on the Tube, then once I understood how to work Fetlife, I began posting on there. Once Master set up this blog page for me, I was a bit more nervous about showing my pictures, not sure why, maybe I hadn’t realised there was such a big family of spanko, D/s dynamics, BDSM, erotic writing, lovers of BBW bloggers out here too. Too be fair I didn’t know much about bloggers/blogging before I began this.

So I took some more photographs and wanted to share them.

Hmmmm showing full front makes me cringe, but at least I’ve not got the confidence to show them.

14 thoughts on “Thought I’d share some pics.

  1. What wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them here.

    Are the marks from vampire gloves? Whatever you have had used on you you look beautiful x

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    1. Thank you, it means a lot to read this.

      The marks are a mix from a vampire paddle and Mr Spikey paddle.They leave stunning marks. Master always says you could play dot to dot on them lol xxxx


    1. It’s beautiful and also important to love your body. I try to say, this is what I am, so I need to accept it, I can still look sexy and nice even though im a bigger girl. But saying it and feeling it are two different things xxxx

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