A Short Bratty Scene.

I do like being cheeky at times, not the really naughty cheek, but the giggly sillly bratty cheekiness.

We were looking at the sky, wondering what the weather was going to do today. Snow was forecasted. But it was very windy, some blue sky, some heavy grey clouds.

Master said, “It’s hard to tell where the sky is moving.”

I replied, “Well the sky is all above us, everywhere we go but the clouds move around and they are to blame for the weather being crap, so look up at the clouds and see which way they are moving. Sometimes you can gauge if they look heavy with rain or snow.” I had a cheeky grin on my face.

“Are you being cheeky?” He asked.

“No, I’m just making a statement, that the sky is just there, the clouds move.” I repeated.

“I think you’re being cheeky.” Master told me, a cheeky smirk appearing on his face.

“Now you only think I’m being cheeky coz I’m making an accurate statement.” I said.

“Now I think you’re definitely being cheeky, go and get my crop.” He ordered,  a grin on his face.

“No,” I told him, smirking still, “Why do I have to get the crop, just coz I made a correct statement.” He just pointed to where the crop lived.

I went to get it, handing it to him at arm’s length, he motioned for me to come closer, so I moved 1 step. Then he did a circular motion with his finger, indicating to turn around. I just stood still and repeated his finger movements, grinning at him. He grabbed my arm and turned me around, I took a step away.

“Oh I think you are definitely being cheeky now.” Master told me, before swatting my ass with the crop. Even with my step away, the crop still reached me.

I ouched, taking another step away but he reached giving another 6 swats, some didn’t hurt, others were full length stingy ouchie swats. Flicking the crop over any part of me, I dodged out of reach, covering my body as I reached my escape towards the stairs.

“The crop will still be here when you come down again.” he said laughing.

So I ran upstairs. Fortunately by the time I came back don, Master had put the crop away.


This daft, short scene, though really silly, is what I love about our dynamics. It feels close to our old vanilla life with the excitement of an ouchie crop. Maybe it’s the bratty side of me that loves these scenes, I don’t know, but it was fun.

4 thoughts on “A Short Bratty Scene.

    1. Now if Sayyid said it, would he have time out in the closet again lol xxx xxx
      It’s the funny cheek I love saying especially when I’m saying something accurate for once, does make me giggle, this and what Sayyid just did. Still chuckling xxxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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