Masters army defeating my pesky virus.

Master is fed up with my virus, along with his own virus, he’s actually going to the doctors today because he just can’t do anything with this pain in his middle.

He’s not sleeping, eating is a struggle, and feels exhausted. This can’t go on.

He has a different virus to mine.


But he set his army of toys to battle today, fighting those pesky germs.

And they had fierce armoury, paddles, canes, bull whip, crop and hands.

Masters most treasured toys.

They paddled, they caned, whipped and spanked those germs.


But the germs are strong, they are led by their Sir, a strong, wilful giant of a germ.

They fight back with mini germs attacking them

But none of the toys give up.

They know Master will be angry if they don’t win this battle.

It’s been 3 weeks nearly, and Master is getting fed up and mad,  mad with his own virus and mad with his slave being on sick leave.

The doctors aren’t helping, just saying it takes time to go.

But Master wants life to return to normal, and so does his slave.


It’s been weeks since she had her morning spanking, her bottom remains untouched and unmarked, and Master likes a beautiful bruised bottom to look at.

It’s been weeks since she did her heavy chores, just trying to complete the ones she can do, the chore charts go unfilled for the time being.


It’s been weeks since Master felt her mouth go down on his cock.

He’s even managed to stretch to the bigger size of his PA,

But slave had no energy to play, plus she doesn’t want to accidently bite his cock if she starts coughing like mad.

Yes she wants to play with his new bar, feel it’s size in her mouth, could she cope with its size, but now at least Master can put his Christmas rings in, the ones his slave bought for him.

The most slave has managed to do was play then give him a hand job. Even that left them both shattered.


So Master’s toys better win this battle,  spank those germs away.

The sooner the better, whip those germs out of his slave,

His Sergeants stay behind to bash Masters germs too.

Throwing eruptions at them and blowing them up.

Different tactics to use for fighting his germs.

But Master knows he will win, one way or the other, his army will fight until they’ve won. Then life can return to normal.


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