Still on sick leave.

Still on sick leave.


I’m getting fed up with this virus now, it’s taken another hit today, cough even worse and my body muscles are aching with it all.

Poor Master is worse too but he’s had to go back to work, some weeks holiday he’s had. He has 4 weeks to get better before his next week off, then hopefully the decorating will be started. Unless we decide one weekend to do it.

I’ve had to ask my dad to do some food shopping for me but told him he’s not to come in, incase he picks it up again and my in-laws are going to get the prescription, cough sweets and stomach meds for Master. They’ve just delivered a dish of Scouse for me, they know I love it, so when they make it at home they make extra for me.

( Scouse is potato, carrots, onions and lamb or beef. Bit like a basic stew but tastes different. Really yum with pickled red cabbage but I can’t eat that

anymore. )

I hate asking for help but I have to get rid of this bloody thing, it’s really draining. And with us both not well, neither of us has the energy to play or for a fun spanking.

Yesterday I felt a bit brighter for an hour or two, and started to be cheeky and doing mild naughty stuff, flicking water, bumping into him on purpose, flicking a tea towel on his butt, even smacking his butt when I went past. It was quite fun but I never got what I wanted, that spanking I desire. Master did pay me back by flicking lot’s more water at me and bumping into me. I only stopped when he started to slap my face. Little slaps across my cheeks getting harder until I stopped my bratty behaviour.

I know I’m Master’s slave, and act accordingly but I can’t help enjoying a bit of brattiness when I can get away with it.

In the meantime, I’m doing the laundry and starting a new sketch.

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