Saturdays drama.

This morning everything was fine, I’d done my lines, then posted this week’s sketch, and we were just quietly watching tv and browsing the internet. I had just started to look at the next sketch I was going to draw, Master’s choice again.

Master was in one of his wind up moods. Saying silly things about anything on the tv until I asked him if he could say anything nice or have you got up on the wrong side of the bed. He just replied no. This continued until he saw my sketch.

“Omg you have a definite different side to your sketches. The faces are just very strange.” I could feel my blood start to boil, why can’t he say something positive about it, my feelings were hurt as I spend a long time doing them. I’m not a trained artist, I’ve not had lessons in drawing, I’m only doing what I did when I worked as a pre-school manager. I try my best to copy the picture given to me. Two weeks ago he told me to stop doing black outlines so I’ve been focusing on that plus trying to do the hands better. This week I tried to focus on getting the body shapes right on the 3 people, especially as 2 were big beautiful women. I tried so hard on this sketch I felt so emotional when all Master said was about the odd faces. I think I’m too over sensitive with things like this, I long to hear praise. Throughout my childhood my parents only focused on negatives, a habit I’m trying to stop now. I longed for them to say well done or at least you tried instead of I knew you wouldn’t do it. Yes I agree with Master the faces are not good, I tried over and over until I nearly put a hole through the paper because of erasing out so much. I think maybe I will look for just a face picture and try to practice that way, it’s very hard drawing faces in the position they are in.

I know Master loves to wind me up and I always fall for it as he walked towards the kitchen he ruffled my hair, over and over. Eventually I had enough, as I closed my sketchbook, I put it down and went to go upstairs  but he blocked my path. Stepping side to side he went to grab me to give me a hug, but I shoved his arms away, and managed to escape to upstairs. I knew there would be trouble as I heard him say something as I went upstairs,  just couldn’t hear the words.

I tidied the bedroom, cleaned the bathroom then had a shower. After wrapping my dressing gown around me, I lay on our bed with the dogs and watched tv.  My head going over what just happened during the last hour. I stayed upstairs for over an hour, hearing him come upstairs to go to the bathroom, he didn’t come in to see me. A sure sign he was annoyed with me.

Eventually I decided I had to face going downstairs. Bringing down a box I needed to clean before filling again it again, I walked straight through the living room, into the kitchen. Starting to sort out what I needed to do.

“Ahhhh here she is, bring me your paddle and come and bend over here.” Master called to me, he voice sounded furious. I got the paddle out and handed it to him, lifting my dress, I bent over the stool. The instant I got in position, the paddle landed, very hard, lifting my feet up, as 10 excruciatingly hard swats followed.

“I don’t mind the grumpiness and attitude when I’m winding you up but I will not tolerate insolence. What do you say?” A harder swat followed. “Sorry Master.” Another hard swat as I gripped the stool. “What are you going to do for the rest of the day?” Hardest swat hit. I didn’t answer, another swat, then another. “Not be in a mood.” A reign of swats continued, I had started ouching a little, but because of my mood, I refused to let him know just how bad these swats were, as I screwed my eyes tight, and clenched the stool. Finally he stopped, “What do you say ?”

“Sorry for my mood Master” I said, “And” “I won’t be in a mood for the rest of the day Master.” I said through clenched teeth. To be honest I still felt pissed off. I gave him a kiss and took the paddle, as I walked away he said, “Don’t get blood on your dress.” I got some baby wipes and wiped a lot of blood over my very sore, hot cheeks. Still thinking about me being insolent, not really understanding why he said I was. Or maybe it was the mood I was still in, not thinking about it correctly.

A little while later I was tidying up in the kitchen when Master came in and gave me a big hug. “Okay?” he asked. I picked up the courage to ask him, “Mmmm I don’t understand why I was insolent.” “Well the stroppiness is fine but pushing me away and storming out, refusing to come back in is.” He told me. “Understand?” “Not really,” I told him. “Well I’m telling you it is, understand? “ He replied. “I suppose if you say it is then it is.” I sulkily said. “Good girl,” then Master walked out of the kitchen.

Two hours later my ass still feels very sore and tender, Master asked to look at my bum, “Two very nice crimson cheeks, you’ve got there. How does it feel ?” Again my stubbornness won’t let me be honest and say my bum was very sore, instead I said “ Fine thank you.” walking away.

I know I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did, shoving him away so I could get past him, ignoring him when I went upstairs, so I know I deserved it and I know Master loves to wind me up so I’ve given him exactly what he wanted by reacting the way I did, so I better put a smile on my face and keep it there, no matter what Master says or does. But as I put my sketch stuff away I said, “I will put my rubbish sketch away for today.” “Ahhhhh is this what it’s all about ? The sketch. I told you what I though, the faces were odd but the picture on the wall was very good. What more do you want me to say?” “Something nice first, about the figures, just something positive.” I splurted out. Immediately wishing I hadn’t but knew I needed to say something. “I thought that was enough but now I know I will.” He told me, “Maybe we should leave the sketch.” “No, I like doing them.” “Well now I know I will, but as your Master I shouldn’t have to say anything” I paused then, I hadn’t thought of it that way, perhaps I am being unreasonable, my task is to do the sketch and post it, that’s it. He will praise whatever I do, when he wants to. End off. I wish I could say what’s on my mind calmly without making it into such an issue but also remember my place in this dynamic.

The day continued to be a bit strained, E went out and there was still tension in the air between us. I hate it when we are like this, it’s not often we are. Eventually Master said “Right we can’t let a day to ourselves go wasted, come on I think you deserve some fun.” Holding out his hand, we headed for the bedroom.

Now if you hadn’t gathered by now, I’m terribly stubborn, Master is too, but I am awful, and I do admit it. My mood and stubbornness together are a terrible mix as they feed from each other, growing quickly.

So heading to the stairs, inside my head was a fight going on, being in a mood or relenting and enjoy the time together. As I got naked, I noticed him thinking what he was going to do and where he wanted me. Piling cushions up, he said, “Lie on your back, head on the cushions, arms up above. Doing as I’m told I wonder what he has planned as I undress. He gets his bungee cord, tying my arms up, then legs, I feel very stretched. That’s when he decided to place the mat under me.

“Lift up” he said, both of us laughing as I couldn’t move so he had so slide it under me as best he could. Taking the hood out he pulled it over my head. I was tied tight, hooded, a bit scared, a bit excited, but my mood was very very slowly lifting.


Suddenly I heard him in the toy drawer, and I wondered what pain he was going to inflict on me. Instead I felt feathers tickling me, he waved the tickling stick all over my body, I’ve got to admit this has been a fantasy that he uses sensory play too. But Master is a true Masochist, sensory play is a bit fluffy to him.

I began to enjoy this, as it worked up and down, I knew my body was reacting to it. Something hard then tapped a nipple, causing waves of pain, I think it was the handle. But crikey did it hurt, Master chuckled. He changed toy then, I felt lots of strands as it gently hit my tummy, I knew it was the little pink flogger. Master was enjoying this play, and I must say so did I, that was until a firmer hit across my nipples had me panting to get my breath, my hands fighting against the harness, my legs trying to move up but I couldn’t. Now a chance to relax as Master treated me to more tickle play I used this time to control my breathing again. The flogger came back again, this time harder whips across my tummy, pussy, arms then thighs. As it got harder it did hurt more though my tummy was coping. Everywhere else wasn’t.  “Your tummy is full of stripes now, looks like a tiger. I like that look. Did you like it ?” he asked.

“Yes Master.” I said calming down again as he had stopped. “Stay there and don’t move.” He told me, walking out, I heard him in the bathroom then go downstairs.

Mmmmmmm I thought, what is he up to. I could hear cupboard doors close, bit a banging about then he came upstairs again. He readjusted my harnesses then and sat on the floor. He picked something up out of a bowl he had brought up and I heard the unmistakable sound of ice cubes.He picked one up and gently let it roll over my nipples, tummy then resting it on my pubic bone, feeling the icy cold water trickle over my pussy. Picking another one up he rolled it over my nipples again, resting a piece next to each nipple, water dripped towards my neck and sides, another piece placed on my belly button. It was an amazing feeling, though I detest cold anything, it set your nerves on fire which sounds mad considering it’s an ice cube.  Another cube was picked up and pushed between my legs, holding it firmly against my pussy. Now I’ve had ice cubes pushed up my pussy and ass before and though uncomfortable it didn’t hurt like this. But it was a weird pain, it really hurt but not in a painful way. Sorry this sounds daft. But when another cube was pushed down and held tightly then pushed up my pussy I cried out loudly. Master pushed it as far up as he could before finding the other cube and holding it against my clit. The other cubes still melting over my body, it was sensational, even if I did cry out. After the fourth or fifth cube was held over my pussy I felt intense burning. This was no longer nice, this was torture. Master brought a cube up to my mouth but I moved from side to side to get away from it, I’d let my fear beat me again. If I’d stopped and just felt the cube melting into my mouth, that would have been great, instead I feared my airway was blocked and I panicked. Master then collected all the cubes that were covering my pussy He rested them on my pubic bone again, the others had all but melted. He told me not to let the cubes falls as he took the flogger and started whipping my tummy and tits. This felt much sharper with my skin cold and wet, but over and over he built up the power until 1 over my nipple had me fighting against the harnesses again. Master collected the fallen cubes and put them back again telling me not to move. Whilst he continued once more, I flinched, ouched, and fought my bounds but my body stayed still. I felt close to calling red as he held the cubes against my pussy once more. I writhed about, crying out, I held my bounds tightly, then Master moved them away. I slowly exhaled as the pain calmed down. He pulled my hood off, which I was very pleased with, I’d coped with it covering my mouth, once the initial fright wore off, now I was blinded by the light, and took a few seconds and blinks for my sight to get back to normal. He then unfastened my bounds, “Enjoy that ?” Master asked, “Yes” I replied. “Now I wonder if some hot wax could be fun as you’re so cold.” Looking in the drawer he couldn’t find them but I knew they were there. “Let me look,” I said, as I got up the remaining water trickled over my pussy and I peed a bit on the mat. “I’ve just peed a little,” I was shocked. I found the candles and lighter then went back. The mat felt cold and I couldn’t believe I peed a tiny bit again. But I lay back, placing my hands on the harness, I think for security mainly. We’ve only done wax play once before and jeez I wasn’t sure I liked it. He slowly let the wax drip over my tummy and I started to move around, the heat, burn against my cold skin was just too much. When he let one drop fall over my nipple, well let’s just say, I wanted to scream so loud, my arms went up to cover my tits as I writhed about in agony. He stopped then, “No I’m not doing this one, you’re not liking it and I’m not getting anything from it. “ “Maybe we need these low heat candles you can buy.” I said. “Are these not ?” he asked. “I don’t know, I didn’t know you could buy them when I bought these. I don’t even know how you can have a candle that doesn’t have the same burn but apparently you can. “ “ Maybe that’s what people use to make designs on your body. “ I was a but disappointed I couldn’t cope with them, considering how much pain my ass takes I thought  I could manage this. I may buy one candle and give it a try, I think you can buy single ones. I put my hands down to my sore pussy finding everything swollen, my lips were huge. Now I understood why it hurt so much. “God have you seen my pussy, it’s all swollen.” I gasped. “Well it will be, your skin was freezing. Now what would you like ?” he asked. I looked at him and simply said an orgasm please. Master grinned then rummaged about in the drawer. “You can have one orgasm with the corkscrew dildo.” I smiled, I loved that one. “But i think we should leave your pussy alone as its so swollen.”  Master had put a new mat down for me, just in case I squirted, dropped a little lube on my pubic bone and rolled the dildo in it. He found my ass hole quickly and slowly started screwing it in. When he came to my sphincter muscle I gasped, he stopped for a second then the dildo continued to find its way in. With each turn my body relaxed, feeling it fill me deeply until it couldn’t go any further. Master started to pump that dildo hard and fast, slowly unscrewing then screwing again, followed by more thrusting. This brought me higher than ever, as he stopped then fingers slipped into my other hole. Filling me so full it felt amazing. His fingers wriggled about on my g-spot, leaving my ass still full. I came with such force, all my tension, emotions left me whilst the dildo was thrust in and out once more, until slowly unwinding itself, it popped out. I lay on the bed spent, that play was sensational, I absolutely loved that Master included the sensory play, hoping he would again even if it doesn’t really do anything for him. I patted the bed for Master to lay down next to me.

“Would you like a blowjob?” I asked. “Nah” he said, “But you haven’t fun for a few days,” “I know but it’s not all about that. I don’t need to cum each time”

I wanted to talk to him about early and there was a burning question that was in my mind. “Do I disappoint you ?” “Only occasionally.” He told me, I didn’t realise I had held my breath whilst waiting for his answer, dreading if he said yes. We lay quietly for a moment, until Dave (the dog) jumped on the bed and headed for some attention from Master. Soon followed by Muffin who just woofed at the stool as she is too bone idol to jump herself.  I went around to lift her up as she fought for the top dog space with Dave. We stayed for a while on the bed, playing with the dogs until going back downstairs. When I went to bed that night I had a quick glance at my bottom, nearly 10 hours later, I still had crimson circles on my cheeks with little red dots from where the holes in the paddle had bitten my skin, making it bleed.

Sunday morning everything seems okay again, I did some sketch, then after a while I asked Master what he thought. He gave me 2 suggestions about the girls face which I changed but I appreciated the advice. I do feel guilty about the drama yesterday but in some way its cleared the air between us, so now its back to normal once again.

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